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A bit about me

I grew up in Dehradun, a valley at the base of the Indian Himalayas. A massive student loan took me to Singapore to pursue a degree in Economics. During a financial recession, I was lucky to land a job at the Singapore Tourism Board. That’s where I first learnt that some people travel the world for a living. Was destiny nudging me along? Maybe.

Two years later, I quit, relocated to Delhi, worked with a social enterprise, dipped my feet into freelancing, started exploring India and began taking my travel blog seriously. Soon, I gave up my rented apartment, sold or gave away most of my belongings and hit the road indefinitely.

I’ve been living out of two bags for the past 7 years, making a living as a travel blogger, freelance writer and bestselling author. I’ve been humbled to see my journey featured on BBC Travel, National Geographic Traveller and many other publications. The Washington Post recently featured me among travellers changing the way we think of the world.

Why “Journeys”?

When I began travel blogging nearly a decade ago, I knew exactly why I wanted to pursue it. I dreamt of bringing stories from the road that had rarely been told before. Stories that inspired unconventional ways of thinking. Stories that offered a glimpse of unfamiliar worlds.

Slowly though, things began to change. Words like “SEO” and “algorithms” broke the rhythm of my words. Long story short, I lost my way…

The past few months of self-isolation and introspection filled me with a deep desire to write about places, people and finds that deeply impact me, without fighting social media algorithms, stuffing my posts with keywords or worrying that they will be overrun by Instagram-style tourism.

Thus was born the idea of “Journeys” - premium, subscription-only stories, for a niche set of readers who genuinely want to embark on deeper journeys, geographically and within.

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Feedback and suggestions

If there’s something you’d really like to read about my travels or personal journey, or have any feedback or suggestions, drop me a line at shivyanath@gmail.com.

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